What Does Office Carpet Dry Cleaning Cost

There is higher traffic on office carpets often than the residential ones. This is because of huge footwear traffic, extended use, and people walking on the carpet using their dirty footwear. Thus, the office Carpet Dry Cleaning cost will be higher than usual. Residential carpets aren’t that dirty at home so their cleaning cost will be lesser than that of office carpets. 

Here are some of the factors that decide the cost of office carpet cleaning-

  1. Type of the carpet in the office

Commercial carpets are different from residential ones because of high footwear traffic. Thus, one of the factors on which carpet cleaning depends is the availability of different fabrics, types, textures, softness, and designs. Most people prefer tough and thick carpets for offices as they’ll have to face huge footwear traffic. 

Some of the fabrics of carpets include cotton, velvet, nylon, and many more. For cleaning, each carpet will have some needs. You need to fulfill it anyhow to prevent damage. Professional carpet cleaners keep many things in mind while cleaning the carpet such as color fastness and fur shedding.

If the carpet is a thick and delicate fabric and is tough to clean and terminate these tough stains then you might have to pay a very high cost. This is because there will be an increased time in the Carpet Dry Cleaning.

  1. Condition of the office carpet

Another factor on which the carpet cleaning and drying cost depend is the condition of the carpet. If your carpet is too dirty and it has stains all over then this is surely going to charge a bit higher. To remove tough stains and clean the carpets, professional cleaners will have to devote extra time and effort. 

There are many tough stains that need the latest carpet cleaning solutions and techniques. If your carpet is dirty then there is a high cleaning cost. In offices, there are higher chances of spilled coffee and other things. So, the cost of Carpet Dry Cleaning and removal of these stains from office carpets can be a bit higher than residential ones as they’re hard to remove. 

  1. Carpet for specific place or stairs

Cleaning of the stair carpet or if they are on any other similar places will be tough. The cost of office carpet cleaning is high because in offices stair carpets.

For this Carpet Dry Cleaning process, an expert cleaner will have to give extra focus. Thus, there will be an additional carpet cleaning cost for office carpet cleaning.


Whether it is an office space or the home, the carpet cleaning process is important. However, the cost of office carpet cleaning is higher. This is because of various factors that have been discussed above. Tough stains, and the condition of the carpet and fabric are also crucial factors. So, you can hire the best carpet cleaning company today. Contact us Carpet Cleaning Como on 0861 098 101 now.